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Why We Started

After providing therapeutic services for over a decade, it became apparent to us that the industry lacked a key element in the clinical process: the vision for clients was too limited.  Though things like barriers, crises, addictions, or traumas are what often bring our clients to us, the goal is not simply to get through that barrier or to be restored to a previous state.  The goal is to transcend. We see every barrier as a unique opportunity for you to thrive  beyond what you ever dreamed possible.  We want to help heal, grow stronger, live fuller, and dream bigger.

At Transcend Counseling and Consulting, we provide a safe and comfortable environment that fosters a trusting partnership between you and your therapist or coach.  We will work together, providing you with effective, superior treatment, using evidence based practices that are fine-tuned to fit your unique needs and your own vision.  We believe that continued education is crucial; we assume the role, not just as your clinician, but as your teacher, partner, guide, and strongest advocate. We will always seek to find the best way to walk with you on your journey and provide you will the skills to heal.


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